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Summer Cocktails

About Us

2Birdz Liquor Co.

Step into our world at 2Birdz Liquor Co. (formerly Darby-Norris Distillery) where passion meets craftsmanship since 2017.


 Explore our collection of premium craft spirits and our

2Birdz Liquor Co. range of liqueurs, perfectly crafted to

delight your senses.


 From award winning Spirits to the captivating depths of our Liqueur range, each bottle is a testament to our dedication to producing excellence, from beginning to end.


 Whether you're a seasoned ginologist or vodka connoisseur seeking new inspirations or simply savouring the finer things in life,

2Birdz Liquor Co.

has something perfect for you.

Experience the artisan way of craft distilling today.


Where to find us on the shelves

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